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15/09/2020 This year's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme is ‘Zero-emission mobility for all’

Central Balkan National Park will mark the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK with open days from 16 to 22 of September and an information stand in Markoteya City Park in Gabrovo.

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10/09/2020 Allowed quota for Kalofer town - Panitsite locality - Botev Peak 13.09.2020 (Monday) is reached​

According to the Central Balkan National Park Management plan, Road Kalofer town - Panitsite locality - Botev Peak is with restricted access of until 10 motor vehicles per day and it is allowed only in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and thought the Bulgarian official rest days from the 1st of June to the 15th of September.

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27/08/2020 ​Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats start in Central Balkan National Park

The Park Directorate assigns the implementation of fire-fighting measures under activity №11 Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats, within the Project "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in the Central Balkan National Park".

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The structure of the Directorate is as follows:

1. Director of the CBNPD – one;
2. The General Administration is structured in Administrative, Financial and Legal Activities Directorate (AFLA) – 8.5 people including AFLA Director AFP, Senior Accountant, two Senior Experts, four Chief Specialists and 0.5 pc. (half-time) Genitor, appointed under Council of Ministers Ordinance No 66/1996.
3. The Specialised administration (a total of 62 people) is structured in Biodiversity, Control and Guarding Directorate (BCGD), led by the Director of BCGD, with the following sections and unit formed:
  • 3.1. Biodiversity, Plans, Programmes and Projects Department (BPPP) comprising of eight staff people, including Chief of Department BPPP, three Chief Experts, two Senior Experts and two Junior Experts;
  • 3.2. Control and Guarding Department (KG) comprising of 44 staff people, including Chief of Department, six Chief Inspectors, four Senior Inspectors, three Junior Inspectors, 15 Chief Experts, 11 Senior Experts and four Junior Experts).
  • 3.3. Mobile Park Guarding Unit comprising of three Chief Experts and one Senior Inspector. Five employees (Chief Specialists) appointed under the Council of Ministers Ordinance No 66/1996 support the operations of the Department CG.
To enhance the planning, coordination and accounting for the activities, as well as to guarantee effectiveness of the operational management, the park has been divided to seven park management units (PMU) (Annex No 1.5.4). The park sections have been established under 23 Order of the Director of the CBNPD in 1999. Subsequently, to improve the control and security activity, the ranges of these units have been changed. During the period of elaboration of the current Management Plan the territorial range of the park sections has been as follows:
1. Park Section Teteven – includes parts of the lands of the villages Divchovoto, Cherni Vit, Ribaritsa, with an area of 12,620 ha;
2. Park Section Troyan – includes parts of the lands of the villages of Chiflik, Beli Osam, Balkanets, Cherni Osam, with an area of 10,778 ha;
3. Park Section Stokite – includes parts of the lands of the town of Apriltsi, the villages of Kruvenik and Stokite, with an area of 8,976 ha; 4. Park Section Tuzha – includes the lands of the villages of Manolovo; Tuzha; Asen; Skobelevo; Osetenovo; Gabarevo; Turnichane; of the town of Pavel Banya, with a territory of 9,476 ha;
5. Park Section Kalofer – includes the lands of the town of Kalofer, the villages of Vasil Levski, Sushitsa, and town of Karlovo with an area of 9,044 ha;
 6. Park Section Karlovo – includes parts of the lands of the villages of Sushitsa, Anevo, Iganovo and Cherni Osam and the towns of Karlovo and Sopot, with an area of 10,419 ha;
7. Park Section Klisura – includes parts of the lands of the villages of Iganovo, Pevtsite, Karnare, Hristo Danovo, Rozino, of the town of Klisura, of the village of Anton, and of the town of Pirdop, with an area of 10,272 ha. 1.5.2. Personnel – functions The functions, tasks and structure of the CBNPD hav
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